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Smart Choice Franchising’s in-house training, online connectivity and accommodating professionals work together to source, secure and design a business model to fit your specific market needs. With 24+ Years of providing services in Oregon, Washington and Nevada, we are developing franchises all across US and coast to coast in Canada. We have the team, the skills and the desire to meet your business needs.

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Salem Oregon

Salem being the capital of Oregon has always been center of activities. Salem living costs are relatively lower than the nearby states, allowing people to move into new houses every other day. This regular shifting of people “in” and “out” of the houses and apartment open room for plumbing and HVAC needs. You’re Plumbing and HVAC franchise in Salem is sure to attract customers.

Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon has always been heart of business activities. Being one of the largest cities in US, Portland surely offers a big market place of friendly and polite residents. It is a progressive city and provides opportunities for small business set-ups, which can grow double in a matter of few years. The residents of Portland endure a lot of rain from October to end of May. A lot of Plumbing needs arise during these months as constant rain results in water blockages. With big population and continuous plumbing needs, opening a franchise in Portland Oregon can be a good idea.

Eugene Oregon

Living in Eugene Oregon offers urban and suburban mix-feel to the residents. Most of the residents live in rented houses. This derives plumbing and HVAC needs as residents may be bit less responsible while it comes to cleaning, maintenance and repair work of kitchen and bathrooms.

Vancouver Washington

Vancouver Washington has a small town feel with the access to big city amenities. The city offers relatively affordable housing and that’s why residents from Portland are moving to this highly ranked city. Vancouver Washington is not only a great place to live but also a great place to work as it offers “no state income tax”. Vancouver has an assortment of new construction homes. Homebuyers are considerably high as they can access both Vancouver and Portland while not paying the high taxes. New construction of houses remains an ongoing factor, while creating jobs for plumbers and HVAC specialists.

Seattle Washington

Surrounded by mountains and water on both sides, Seattle is one of the biggest draws for residents. Large Tech companies are bringing in money to the city and young professionals who are earning it are ready to pay the high housing costs. Seattle is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S and this is driving out the low income residents. With the rich being the part of most of the city, a Plumbing and HVAC franchise in Seattle can earn more as people can pay more. The Finance experts at Smart Choice Franchising can help you in making a comprehensive feasibility plan for opening a Plumbing and HVAC franchise in Seattle

Tacoma Washington

Tacoma is not as rainy as Seattle but creates hazards during heavy snowy days. Plumbing and HVAC needs are required every other day. The job market is strong and most of the residents are well-employed. This increase potential buyers and larger market.

Bellevue Washington

Bellevue Washington is the fifth largest city in Washington. The population is growing and more and more people are shifting to Bellevue as it is becoming a high-tech hub. This has created a well-paying buying market. Plumbing and HVAC franchise in Bellevue can get good revenue as buying market is strong.

Spokane Washington

Spokane is the financial and retail center for a large area of Washington. The low cost of living is the main attraction for residents. The migration of residents has driven up the cost of houses but also has created room for Plumbing and HVAC works.


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